17 August 2016

Three ways to style an off-shoulder top

There's something about an off-shoulder top that really gives me the squiggles. I think it's the way it shows off that sexy lil d├ęcolletage/shoulders/neck area which makes it so flattering on literally everyone.

It's been THE top of the summer (I know I've worn mine to death!) and it's bloody easy to wear, but if you're new to the Bardot-brigade, baring your shoulders can feel like risky biz (they're NSFW btw, my boob nearly fell out a couple of times). Here are three ways to style this little number before the summer is out, cactus optional...

Denim shorts

Ideal for hotter days and evening gin tins in the park post-work, denim shorts are probably the easiest way to go! These ones are pretty old from ASOS, but similar ones here.


I just about got away with this at work when I needed a jazzy, transitional outfit for evening drinks (I don't drink every evening, I swear...). These tie waist culottes are from Zara (similar here).


Ahh, Dungarees kinda scream weekend chill don't they? Super comfy and a trendy update from black jeans, just make sure you wear a bra with this one to avoid poorly nips, unlike me...


14 August 2016

White Out

You know when you find that goldilocks thing that's both comfy af and looks good, then hang onto it like you're being paid to advertise it? Yeah, same. 

So much that your boyfriend comments on how often you wear it, yet in the same sentence says you don't look any different with make up on? Hun, I paid £30 for this Charlotte Tilbury foundation so plz can u not. 

Anyway, my point is that I've worn this Topshop jumpsuit to absolute death since I bought in the sale last week because 1. as mentioned it's bloody comfy and 2. I really enjoy telling people I got it for £20 reduced from £58. I'm not one for sales shopping really, so when I do hunt down a genuine barg you'll hear about it for the next five years. 

I've teamed it here with some Topshop mules (not a sponsored post I promise, although I wish it were :'( ) and my trusty leather jacket - I've also been layering it over a black t shirt to dress it down a bit.

Unfortunately this number is no longer available on Topshop's site but here are a few nifty alternatives:

Topshop - £49
ASOS - £29.99
New Look - £13
Missy Empire - £24


12 August 2016

Eating my bodyweight at KERB Camden

Last night I was lucky enough to attend the preview of Camden Market's newest street food hotspot KERB. I'm not gunna lie, it was my first 'proper' blogger event and I felt like I definitely wasn't cool enough to be there. I mean, I saw Liv Purvis from 'What Olivia Did' and was obvs too scared to talk to her because hi I'm socially awkward, but alas, I came and brought my equally food-loving friend Hannah with me to sample as much of what was on offer as we could.

The first thing that caught our eye was Korean Burrito - Korean and Mexican combined? Get that in and around my mouth like, now. Hannah has actually been to real life Korea and said the beef burrito was her favourite thing she ate all evening, totally yum.

The next instalment of our diabetes-inducing carb fest was a sampling of the delicious bagel/burger hybrids from Ghetto Grillz. Tasty chicken breast in a creamy sauce with a bagel is a total winner, FYI. Just don't expect a your outfit to still be clean afterwards!

Mother Clucker, similarly, did not disappoint. It's basically what it says on the tin (fried chicken), but oooh baby is it good fried chicken. That melt in the mouth, fall off the bone tender kinda vibe. I was sad it had to end.

We managed to find room in our stomachs for The Mac Factory, and thank god we did as it is my personal favourite of the evening. It's basically Mac and Cheese pimped out with a load of other exceptionally delicious toppings. We tried the 'Posh Spice', which had chorizo, harissa and caramelized onion generously slathered on top. It was one of the most sublime things I've ever tasted but I am now slightly concerned for my cholesterol levels.


Not forgetting the banging drinks - this procecco based cocktail (the 'Brit Spritz' if you're interested) was a delicious blend of sweet yet refreshing and has its own dedicated bar. 

I'll definitely be heading back to KERB for the few weeks left of summer - its official opening is tonight and features loads of other vendors if meat/mac and cheese ain't your vibe. It's open 7 days a week which means I'm dangerously close to going there for lunch and dinner every day... Check out their website for more info on the vendors and how to get there!

Big thanks to Time Out for the opp too!


2 August 2016

All aboard the gin bus!

If you read this blog often, follow me on Instagram, Twitter etc, you'll know I complain about my public transport commuter woes so much that I don't just sound like a broken record, I sound like the vinyl has been totally trampled and smashed into a million pieces. 

So you can understand why I was pretty chuffed that instead of spending my Friday evening commute encased in someone's sweaty armpit on the Northern Line, I was invited to jump on a bus instead. Not just any kind of bus though my friend, a bloody GIN bus - somebody have a word with TFL and get this thing rolled out city-wide. 

Hendrick's gin's Ministry of Marginally Superior Transport has created the bus, H.E.R.B.E.R.T (Hendrick's Extraordinary Roving Bus for Exceptionally Refined Travel, obvs), to give Londoners an altogether more pleasant public transport experience. Forget the sound of tinny headphones and whiff of smelly sandwiches, for a whole hour you're treated to a Hendrick's gin and tonic, a cocktail and cucumber macaroons, alongside some hilarious immersive entertainment from the Bus's quirky conductors. All for the cheap-as-chips fee of £2.50 - yes, it's a quid more than your usual bus fare and it might not take you straight home... but where else in London can you get two great drinks for that kinda dollar? 

I had an amazing time and am pretty gutted it was only running in London for one week, but if you find yourself in Edinburgh next week, you can book your tickets for this rather extraordinary bus on the dates 8-14 August here. You won't get a peaceful commute here, but for once you won't be angry about it!

Remember to Tweet and Instagram your photos tagging in @HendricksGinUK and using the hashtag #HendricksMinistry

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